Entrepreneurship in Practice

The focus of entrepreneurship is self-motivation and making an individual able enough to encounter all challenges in his career, start-up or working of an organisation. One of the key factors in the beginning of any startup is the importance of building long lasting working relationships, updating the contact list with people, who can facilitate and aid in the start-ups and help in the progress of an entrepreneur. Keeping this motivation in mind, I upgraded my social circle by working with people from different communities, different fields of life and put together a team with memories that were meant to last a lifetime. Reminiscing about the past few years, these relationships are not just business ones, but close to my heart as friendships.

I have always had great regard for my lecturers here at the university, as they have proven to be true mentors to us, in our field. The module was fast-paced and focused even more about the practical aspects of the field. The key focus of the lecturers was the innovation in the entrepreneurship industry through the technology factor. It is a reported fact that about 60% of all new start-ups are web based start-ups and many new technology and software based solutions have been prepared for the entrepreneurship and leadership industry. As a good impresario keeps track of the advances and various innovations in the technology sector our teachers focused on teaching us about these machineries.

The teachers were also persistent about guiding us to upgrade our current skill set and make valuable additions to the portfolio. We were guided that the new world is the world of futurism and if a person wants to be an effective part of the team and make himself irreplaceable, much has to be learned and one always has to be on his feet. Due to the automation revolution in industries, the use of manpower is becoming fairly obsolete and one’s intellect is the only true marker of success in the industry. Keeping that frame of mind, our teachers taught us principles that would help us achieve more in the field, make us indispensable to the organizations we offer our services to, and ensure that our out of the box thinking would guarantee value adding benefits to the organizations


Our entire academic year was spent writing plenty of business reports, academic reports, personal reflection reports that helped us learn and gather all the themes explored already. The key benefits of writing these business reports were the accurate documentation of our small business start-ups as they provided the investors with  balanced information about the performance and policies of the business. Amid the most significant business reports are financial statements -- the company's balance sheet, cash flow and income statements -- that are used to evaluate business growth of an industry. Writing good business reports is key to being an effective entrepreneur as they provide information which is critical to the decision making process of any organization by the investors.

We were encouraged by our professors and the faculty to invest our time in applying for various internships and programs throughout the world to occupy our time in a positive manner and learn new and exciting skills. With that initiative in attention, many of us applied at the internationally reputed Global Scholars Program. Due to our diligence and the mutual efforts of both the faculty and my team, we were selected for the program. This was a huge achievement for us. This opportunity gave us the chance to develop on the approved project (approved by the scholars program), and we were selected to go on behalf of the institution to the Tanzania, for the presentation of our project. We are set to leave in June, and this trip to Tanzania will offer us amazing prospects like building business learning space, and organizing and attending different seminars and workshops.

After the selection into this reputed program, we had to prepare for weeks of effort, by gathering more people to join in with us, organizing and attending a variety of fairs and presentations, ensuring the presence of the right clientele and making sure that we get the maximum number of signs up from different students in and out of campus. These workshops and presentation were aimed at the benefits of joining in the global business community through the platform provided by the Global Scholars Program. The Global Scholars Program (GSP) organizes sophomore, junior, and senior students to be inter-culturally skilled global citizens, defenders for meaningful transformation, and pioneering leaders of tomorrow. We got a great response from the student body and we were able to collect a great number of registrations before the trip.

Like the end of every other module we have been through, the exams are an unwelcome guest that just demands attention. Due to the busy schedule and long academic trips and business trips that have been arranged in the entirety of this module, I was not able to focus that much on the upcoming exams. As the term comes to an end, they do pose somewhat of a problem, but like a good entrepreneur, I am ready to deal with the pressure attached to the job. I am completely devoting my time to my jobs, as I value experience more. I am fairly confident that I will do well in both the exams and the jobs associated and am really looking forward to spend some quality time with the team in Tanzania, learning about the business setups and organizing seminars and workshops for the locals there. Travelling and learning is both value adding benefits that will help me profit as a good entrepreneur.


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