Management and Leadership across Cultures - Part 2

Criteria for Evaluating the Effective Management, Leadership and Motivation in the Selected Organization in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry of UK

As identified, this paper aims to evaluate the way managers within culturally diverse organization deal with the employees. This section of the paper demonstrates the criteria to be used for evaluating how the managers in the selected organization in the hospitality and tourism industry approach the issues associated with the management, leadership and motivation within the culturally diverse business environment. The criteria are developed using the theories of management, leadership and motivation that are discussed in the previous section of the paper. Want to buy assignment online  from experts? You are at the right place!

  1. The manager within the organization adopts proper communication with the employees to develop understanding to solve the work related problems
  2. The manager within the organization involves the employees in the decision-making process of the organization

Research Methodology and Conceptual Framework


Conceptual Framework

The research would be conducted by collecting primary and secondary data to test the set criteria to the observations of the Cranley Garden Hotel, UK. After the collection of data, it would be analyzed using qualitative data approach through content analysis technique.  In addition, results would be critically analyzed and then conclusions and recommendations would be made.

Type of Research Approach

There are different types of research approach that could be broadly categorized in to deductive approach and inductive approach.

Deductive Approach

A deductive approach works from more broad-spectrum to a more definite situation. In this type of approach theories are analyzed upon which certain assumptions and criteria are developed. Furthermore, on testing such criteria, observations are made to a specific subject, by analyzing which those set criteria are confirmed (Collins, 2010). Our expert writers offer you excellent writing help at cheap rates.

Inductive Approach

An inductive approach refers to that manner of conducting research in which first observations are made through the analysis of the theories and after the patterns have been obtained from those discussed theories, the same is applied to a specific subject. In addition, critically analyzing the subject, conclusions and recommendations are made (Collins, 2010).

In this research work, a deductive approach would be used by analyzing different management, leadership and motivation theories. After which, criteria are set to be observed on an organization within the hospitality sector in UK.

Data Collection Method

According to Phillips and Stawarski (2008), data collection within a research is the process to describe the preparation and collection of data. Thus, data by type can be divided into two named primary data and secondary data. Since, the purpose of the data collection is to analyze and evaluate the result against the pre-set criteria, therefore, for this paper; both primary as well as secondary data will be collected regarding how the manager within the selected organization deals with the issue associated the management, leadership and motivation.

Primary Data

The primary data can be defined as the data that is collected and observed directly from first-hand experience using two tools such as questionnaires and interviews (Phillips& Stawarski, 2008). For this study, the direct and first hand data is required from the selected organization to evaluate the management, leadership and motivation situation in the organization. Therefore, the questionnaire will be used to collect the primary data from the selected organization, containing 10 questions to be filled by three managers within the organization.

Secondary Data

According to Phillips and Stawarski (2008), secondary data is the data that is composed of the research work of others. It can also be defined as the existing data of the primary data that is used in the study to provide support and argument to the research problem. The secondary data for this study is required in the form of selected organization’s data with respect to the way managers within that organization deal with the issues associated with the management, leadership and motivation in culturally diverse business environment. Since secondary data is collected using books, journal articles, websites, and organizational archives, for this paper, the relevant data regarding the selected organization will be collected using official website of the organization, official archives and other official documents.

Data Sampling

According to Phillips and Stawarski (2008), data sampling is the selection of the subset of the larger population or determination of the population who are meant to be part of the study. The population or sampling who will be used to fill up the questionnaires is three managers in the selected organization. 

Data Analysis

This is a qualitative research, therefore the method used to analyze the collected and gathered data, would be qualitative data analysis method.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Using deductive approach technique, data so gathered would be analyzed by critically observing the management, leadership and motivation in Cranley Garden Hotel, UK in the context of the set criteria. The content analysis technique would be used to analyze the subject of the research in context of the criteria set on the basis of above-mentioned discussed theories. In addition, the results of the questionnaire would be presented through percentages. 



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