Management and Leadership across Cultures - Part 3

Overview of the Cranely Garden Hotel, London

Cranely Garden Hotel, London is situated in the heart of the South Kensington and taken into account as 3 STAR hotel in the location of 5 STAR hotel. The most significant thing about the Cranely Garden Hotel is that it is situated in the heart of the London city, which is considered as the most culturally diverse city making the Cranely Garden Hotel diverse in employees and customers both. Since the hotel is not public owned, the organizational structure of the Cranely Garden Hotel is more like a family oriented place where tradition, service and value are the motto of the organization. Thus, the hotel is considered perfect for the tourist from multiple cultures to have the service of the organization because the management of the organization has hired suitable employees to deal with the situation that are likely to appear in multicultural diverse environment. Since, the organization has to deal with the cultural diversity because the hotel has employees and customer across different cultures, there are multilingual staff so that issues regarding language as main cultural difference cannot spoil the business environment and comfort the customers (Anon., 2011). Need homework help? We have a team of expert writers who are ready to help you 24 by 7.

Management in the Cranely Garden Hotel

Upon analyzing the role played by the managers of Cranley Garden Hotel in order to tackle the issues of cultural diversification of both the employees and customers within the organization, it was found that the managers of the hotel are keenly striving toward the capitalization of the benefits of cultural diversity rather than ignoring it (Page, 2009). There are communication barriers found among the management and employees, however, in order to overcome the communication and language barriers among employees, there is a proper distribution of resources among all the departments of the tourism organization. It could be observed from the Q2 of the questionnaire to which 67% of the sample so selected agree that they lead their staff with fairness. In addition to this, the management was found tending towards the wholehearted acceptance of the cultural diversity. Cross-cultural conversation is one of the significant issues faced by the management in sending and receiving messages between the people of different culture (Moutinho, 2011). However, the company solves the same by negotiating common goals among all the employees through an effective communication process. The same could be evidenced from Q6, to which 67% of the sample agree that they arrange language-training programs to overcome the barriers. Managers of Cranley Garden Hotel also allow their employees with dissimilar cultural attributes to participate in the process of decision-making in order to benefit their organization. Moreover, the managers of the Cranley Garden Hotel, to overcome the cultural barriers in their hotel also use the recognition of the different cultural and religious holidays as an effective tool. Employee management meetings are also planned periodically in order to invite opinions and ideas of the employees and its implementation within their organizations’ operations. Stressed with university essay writing? Our custom essay writing service uses a team of professional essay writers to help you make the score.

Leadership in the Cranley Garden Hotel

The leadership in the Cranley Garden Hotel was found very effective in managing a culturally diverse team (Murphy& Murphy, 2004). The leaders of the hotel limits themselves by creating a specific attribute to the certain class or group of people. The Q8 of the questionnaire is providing evidence in this context by showing that 100% of the sample answered in the favor of the fact that there is an assurance in the hotel that every person in their workforce is heard and given equal chances in terms of duties and opportunities. Apart from this, the leadership style encourages the group synergy in order to increase the individual productivity of the organization. The same could be analyzed through the Q5 of the questionnaire stating that 100% managers are of the view that they encourage their employees to work in the self-directed teams and groups in order to motivate them. However, it was also observed that a very few portion of the managers in Cranley Garden Hotel believes that they use cultural diversity as an effective tool to increase the performance of employees thereby resulting in the enhanced organizations’ performance. Likewise, the good leaders of the organization, the managers of the Cranley Garden Hotel also appreciate and recognize the good performance of their employees. A platform where professional writers are here to provide best dissertation writing service.


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