Self Assessment


Did you like your food intake for the day of record this week? How could you improve your diet, and how can you introduce variety?

My last assessment indicates that I have remarkably improved my food intake in contrast of my first food record. In my first food record I could not achieve the recommendations of food intake; milk intake which was recommended as 3 cup equivalent and my intake was 0.7 cup equivalent, while my last assessment shows that I had 3.1 cup equivalent milk intake which is according to the recommendation. Another food Fruits which was recommended as 2 cup equivalent and my fruit intake was 0 cup, and my last assessment shows that my fruit intake increased to 6.6 cup equivalent. Other foods intake is satisfactory as achieved the recommended intake; in first assessment Meat and Beans were recommended as 6.5 oz equivalent and my intake was 6.4 oz equivalent which was satisfactory because I took almost as much Meat and Beans as recommended. My last assessment shows that I have improved my Meat and Beans intake up to 9.8 oz equivalent and exceeded the recommendation amount. Similarly Vegetables recommendation was as 3.5 cup equivalent and my intake was 3.3 cup equivalent which was a positive sign that I took almost equivalent to the requirement. According to my second assessment my Vegetables recommendation is improved up to 4.2 cup equivalent, which is more than the recommendation.

 Grains recommendation, in first assessment, was as 9 oz equivalent and I took 8.3 oz equivalent satisfactory. In my last assessment my Grain intake reached up to 9.9 oz equivalent, which is more than the recommendation. My last assessment is an indicator of my food intake improvement and that I liked the food intake therefore I succeed to achieve the recommendation. Total calories recommended were 2973 and according to my first assessment I was taking 2025 total calories which was definitely not up to the mark. In my last assessment my energy nutrients rises to 2742 calories.


According to my first assessment, total fat recommended was as 45 - 78.7 and my intake was 106.9 which were quite abnormal, in last assessment my total fat recorded as 65.5 and I was recommended as 60.9 - 106.6, which means as compare to my first assessment I have lowered my fat intake positively. Monounsaturated Fat and Polyunsaturated Fat which were both in first and last assessment not recommended but I took 22 and 15 gm respectively. I can improve my diet by avoiding such harmful fat. My last assessment shows sodium intake higher than the recommendation, it was recommended as 1500– 2300 and my intake was recorded as 4394 which is not healthy as excess sodium could be harmful for my health. By introducing more variety in my diet I can improve my diet such as more intakes of vegetable and fruits, moreover, yogurt, cheese, poultry, eggs and nuts are such foods that can also provide a variety to my food. I can further add bread, rice, cereals, pasta and noodles to bring more variety.

What do you consider the most important issue about your diet, and how will you apply this to your life? Have you implemented changes and noticed any differences so far? What will be the major challenges to a better diet?


The most important issue about my diet, according to my first assessment, was low intake of vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Vitamin A was recommended as 900 (mcg RAE) while I took only 264.1, vitamin C which was recommended as 90 (mg) but my intake was 52 (mg), Vitamin E was recommended as 15 (mg a-TE) and I took only 6.1 (mg a-TE), Folate was recommended as 400 (mcg, DFE) I took only 278.7 (mcg, DFE). Calcium was recommended as 1000 (mg) and my intake was 688.4 (mg), Magnesium was recommendation as 420 (mg) and I took only 189.8 (mg). The lower intake of the mentioned vitamins and minerals can cause deficiency in the body. Deficiency of Vitamin A could be cause of night blindness. Vitamin A deficiency can also cause to diminish the ability to fight the infections2. Severe deficiency of vitamin C leads to scurvy3. Folate deficiency can cause diarrhea, loss of appetite and weight loss2. Calcium deficiency could be cause of muscle cramps, numbness and tingling in the fingers, convulsions, poor appetite, lethargy, and abnormal heart rhythms7. Magnesium deficiency may include nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness. As Magnesium deficiency gets worse, muscle contractions, numbness, tingling, seizures and cramps, abnormal heart rhythms, personality changes, and coronary spasms can occur8. In order to overcome the shortage of vitamins and minerals I increased my nutrients though somewhat I succeeded to achieve the recommended nutrients yet in my last assessment I noticed the excess intakes of some vitamin such as Vitamin A which is recommended 900 (mcg RAE) and I took 3803.5 (mcg RAE) the excessive intake of Vitamin A can cause side effects in my body such as blurred vision, drowsiness, dizziness, hair loss, muscle pain and weight loss4. Folate was recommended as 400 (mcg, DFE) and my intake is 1064.9 (mcg, DFE), excess intake of Folate may cause me different sleep patterns and intestinal problems. Other side effects of Folate may include confusion, allergic reactions and impaired judgment5. Another nutrient Phosphorus was which was recommended as 700 (mg) and I took 3385.3 (mg). Excessively high levels of phosphorus in the blood can combine with calcium to formulate deposits in soft tissues like muscle6. The major challenge that I look forward to experience is to control the low as well as over dose of vitamins because both lower and excess dose can be harmful for me and can be barrier having a healthy life. In order to normalize the nutrient intake I will need to follow the recommended nutrients strictly and have to maintain a food intake log so that I could easily and carefully assess my nutrients intake.

How is the physical activity log? Was it difficult to adhere to an exercise regime? Did you feel any difference during this week compared to a week before? What will be the major challenges to a healthy physical activity regime?


In my last physical activity log I have improved my physical activity log in contrast of my first physical activity log. According to first physical log, my physical activity was only walking downstairs for 3 times in my leisure time which consumed 50 minutes while it helped me to expend 239 calories only. The total calories expenditure was not comparatively sufficient, my daily calories intake was 2025 and through physical activities I expended only 239 calories. In my last physical log I apparently improved and used different physical activities such as conditioning exercise, running, sports and walking. Combination of different physical activities has given a variety to my activities; conditioning exercise includes circuit training, aerobic movement, and minimal rest all these performed 8 times vigorously in leisure time for 35 minutes and helped to expend 585 calories. Another activity jogging 7 times in leisure time for 30 minutes expended 430 calories. Sports which include basketball game 8 times in leisure for 60 minutes expended 1003 calories. and football, touch, flag, general 8 times in leisure time expended 167 calories in 10 minutes, walking that includes hiking, cross country 6 times in leisure for 60 minutes expended 717 calories. Total credit minutes consumed was 195 which burned total 2902 calories and made score 100-on-100. Since my per day calories intake is 2742 which multiplies to 19194 in a week thus I burn 2902 calories out of 19194 in a week. Last physical activity log is assessed as good yet it needs to be improved by adding more activities. Since calories intake is increased in last physical activity log as comparison to first physical log, calories intake in first assessment was 2025 which multiplies to 14175 in a week while calories burned by physical activity was only 239 calories. Physical activity always requires enough calories intake to utilize in physical exercise, if calories intake is less than the requirement for physical activities it may cause physical injury and it would be difficult to carry physical exercise on. My calories intake was sufficient to fulfill the requirement of physical activities therefore it was not difficult to carry on the exercise regime. As a result of increased physical activities I felt physical change I feel myself more active and light initially it seemed difficult to do the exercises but later on its effects were positive. Whereas last week my physical activities were not very improved I was consuming very little time for it and used to feel lazy and tired, this week is different from last week I have felt tremendous change not only physical but mental as well. The challenge I assume I will have to face in this regard will be about the introducing variety in physical activities so that I don’t feel fatigue and perform exercise regularly.

What aspect of this course provided the best information and the most useful information for you? How do you see this course work affecting your life 6 months from now? And Year from now?


I have learnt different things which are really helpful to live a healthy and active life. Mainly there were two aspects in this course which helped me throughout the course; healthy diet, nutrients and physical activities. I have already heard of balanced diet but never understood what it really meant after this course now I know the meaning of balanced diet, appropriate selection of food from different groups rather than sticking with same food group whole year. I have never realized the importance of dietary factors in the body; this course was very useful and taught with a rational approach that is why it was rather effective. So I think information related to diet and nutrients and especially specific nutrients amount for specific person was the most useful aspect for me because I did not know before that diet measurement can vary person to person and it can affect the health of a person. I have observed an outstanding change not only in my attitude about diet and physical activity but also in my perception that all changed about food intake. Since this change occurred in my mind and attitude so I assume that I will carry on my practice of this course for both diet plan and physical activities and will be able to mange my life positively affected by this course. Moreover I will be doing this practice for next six months and practice of six months will help me to achieve the healthiest life through adopting best nutrients plan according to my body requirements and expending as much calories as required according to my calories intake. After a year from now I see myself having healthier, more active and working to carry on the healthiest life practice as I might have accomplished my six months target and after six months there will be another target to achieve and by the next year I would have achieved marvelous practice of living a healthy life.


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