Privacy Policy

We have set a framework of rules and standards to be followed not only by our customers but also by company’s officials. Following privacy statement clearly identifies our policy about the processes that come in the way of delivering research paper writing services across the world. This section is related to information that you provide while filling out the order form as well as the information we provide to you about our company. Here, it is important to take into consideration that we do not sell or share the information given by you, without any prior notice. Therefore, we expect the same from you. You are not allowed to pass the services delivered by our company to any third party. The purpose of the information collected by you is to enhance the quality of the website and to have your contact information for future correspondence.

Collected Information

Personal information that we collect from you includes your name, email, contact number, career level and other basic information that might help us in understanding you more and in contacting you. In addition to this, the web server also automatically accesses the information of your IP address and operating system.


Cookies at our website indicate your computer to the server of our website. Cookies are not able to recognize, who is using that particular computer rather only the computer through which you are accessing our website. Cookies only note the information on that area of our website that is visited by you.

Personal Information

On our website, you will be asked to fill out our order form that contains certain information like your name, educational background, type of research paper order and email address. We assure you that we do not use your personal information for any illegal purposes and that we do not pass it on to third parties without informing you.

Security Policy

To counter any sort of electronic losses, misuse of data and alteration of the information provided, we have hired specialized IT personnel that understand the intricacies involved in such issues and they use effective equipment to address these complications.

Passing Information to Third Parties

Using and sharing of any sort of information related to company and related to research paper services delivered to you is extremely prohibited. In the similar way, we believe that it is unethical to pass on your information to third parties that are not involved in the process of research paper order placement and delivery of the finalized report.

Quality Assurance Policy

You may also ask about our services or sample writing research paper to get an idea about our services. These sample requests come with some extra charges, which are totally based on the complexity and nature of the research paper ordered.

Amended Privacy Policy

Here, it is significant that the company reserves its right to make crucial changes in this document without any prior notice. The amendments are made to improve your experience with us more enjoyable and informative. It is, therefore, highly encouraged that you visit this page of the website from time to time in order to be certain about the changes that are linked directly to you or your use of our services.